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Could A Housecleaning Service Really Change Your Life?  I Think So.

Breathe for a second. Relax . . . Close your eyes and take a deep breath. The feeling washing over you right now - that all your cares are draining away - that's why I started The Other Woman, a house cleaning, commercial cleaning and concierge service. We've been a resource for worry-free cleaning and household tasks for Raleigh, Cary and Apex and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. 

I started The Other Woman cleaning service because I realized what we all have in common: time.  We all have the same amount of time in a day; just twenty-four hours . And we all have to multi-task our work, our families, our social lives, and our alone time.  After I had my first child, I realized that it's difficult to do everything I had to do without giving up some of the life I wanted to live. And I realized that if I had trouble juggling my schedule, then it makes sense that others did too. 

The Other Woman is more than just a cleaning company.  It's certainly more than a private concierge service. It's more than errand running, laundry, dog-walking and the million other jobs we do. Our clients say that it's a lifesaver that gives them the time to see their daughter's recitals, take those walks with their spouse, or even write that secret novel. The Other Woman gives you time to run your business and impress your clients.  And most important of all, we give you worry-free peace of mind.

Why don't you save time by inviting the Other Woman into your home? Contact The Other Woman today at 919.832.1756.  Discover the many ways we can help you . . . well . . . relax.




Visit from my aunt

A couple weeks ago I found out my aunt was going to come for a visit. It had been an especially busy week at work and I didn't have time to clean the house, wash the sheets and make up the beds in the guest room, and get my other errands completed before she arrived. What could have been a very stressful situation turned out to be wonderful - The Other Woman saved the day! They arrived right on time, and were able to handle all of my requests at the last minute. And I had a terrific, stress-free visit with my aunt. Many thanks to the Other Woman for being there when I needed you most!

~a satisfied customer

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