The Other Woman, Inc. has been fortunate enough to have received favorable “press” during their twenty-seven years of operation.

Whether you’re covering domestic issues, housecleaning tips, women business owners, SOHO and small businesses, or even general human interest topics, please feel free to contact owner Loy Kiser, who is delighted to assist any journalist by being a referral source.

So, what is The Other Woman up to? If you want to stay on top of what’s happening at our offices, new services we’re offering, or general updates about me and my staff you’ve come to the right place.

More than anything, I believe in developing long-term friendships with my clients. It’s not uncommon for people to get to know me on a first name basis within minutes. So naturally I’d like to keep you up-to-date on the news that not only affects my company, but also our friendship, you, and your family.

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– I love the idea that I could leave a list. They spoke English and were very helpful.

– This was a wonderful gift. The cleaners came in and went right to work. They needed no directions, brought their own supplies. I went to lunch and when I returned, it looked like the cleaning fairies had been by. I’m thinking of giving my other friends one of their gift cards!

– The Other Woman has been a lifesaver for me. I get my house cleaned every other week by the same woman, which I find much better than having a team of cleaners! She’s professional, reliable, efficient (cleans my house in two and a half hours), careful with my fragile items and extremely thorough. She even brings her own cleaning supplies. The Other Woman definitely keeps my house in order — something I just don’t have the time to do. I highly recommend this service.

– I love coming home to an exceptionally clean and well-organized home! It makes my day all the better. Also, it gives me more time to do the things I like to do, which doesn’t include vacuuming and cleaning the bathrooms all the time. The people are very friendly and well-trained.

– I could not manage my home without The Other Woman. They are professional, do superior work and appear to treat my home as their own. They address our home with respect. I also appreciate the fact that they are so sensitive to my daughter’s allergies and use lint free cleaning cloths and environmentally friendly products. I have utilized their errand running service, however, they routinely clean my home. They have been fabulous to work around our schedules. Try them, they are heaven sent!

– This cleaning service is low worry and worth the money. They were very responsive to our needs and reliably show up. Highly recommended.

– I have been very pleased with this service. I think the best thing about it is the fact that I can leave a list with each service date and the cleaners work from my list. I can change my list and add or delete items as needed. I also like the idea of “buying time” versus just the normal house clean. I can utilize my time for organization, laundry, re-potting plants, cleaning closets. I’m so glad that the owner came up with this idea. How clever! Try it, you’ll like it.

– The cleaning was absolutely great, I can’t believe how great my shower looked. It felt great to come home from work to a clean house. I love how I can leave a list of priorities each time they come to clean.

– The Other Woman comes to us every Tuesday. They do such a good job. I leave a list of things to do and they do it. Now, my children keep count. They say we have more “family time” on those Tuesdays. When both parents work, that’s really big!

– The Other Woman came and cleaned my house from top to bottom. The bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, and floors were spotless. It felt great to come home to a really clean house – baseboards, blinds, and all! I left a prioritized list and it was all done. I really like the personalized service. This unique company was a great find and a real life-saver! Thank you so much!

– The Other Woman does it all. It’s impossible to find a better service in the Triangle. From cleaning bathrooms to grocery shopping, their performance has been excellent. We feel we can rely on The Other Woman for our housecleaning and errands, and they free up so much of our time. As two busy professionals, we are really thankful that this flexible and efficient service exists. We couldn’t do it without you!

– You guys are incredible! I love your work, and just wanted to let other people know about your great service. I have my own company and family, and don’t know how we would get everything done without you. From cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, and ironing, our household is finally manageable. Thanks for all the excellent cleaning and errands.

– I have an invalid husband and just can’t find time to get everything done. The Other Woman has been doing my cleaning, shopping, dry cleaning and other task for many years, they’re more like an old friend now rather than a service and I don’t know what I’d do without them.

– They do an excellent, thorough job with cleaning. I like that they will do other things too, like running errands. And their staff is always so friendly. I have been using this service for years and would recommend them to anyone.

– Personalized, quality service is absolutely priceless! The first clean took a little longer than usual, but I love the way my every need was adhered and my input prioritized – once they became accustomed to my home, the cleaning remained superb but flowed a little quicker. The staff is intelligent, attentive and professional and the overall customer service a rare commodity these days – TWO THUMBS UP!

– I initially used the services of The Other Woman on a gift certificate I got for Christmas never intending to use the service again, but they are reasonable and commended for a job well done. I’m now a regular customer and plan to stuff stockings this Christmas with tons of their gift certificates!

– I contacted the service for help with errands and cleaning in my home. Everything went great and I would use the service again. WONDERFUL!!!

– I am very, very picky about my clothes being ironed perfectly.  The dry cleaners has ruined my last shirt. The Other Woman comes in every other week, and irons all of my shirts, and pants I wear to work.  I can handle the cleaning but not the ironing.

– I use The Other Woman as a catch all for anything that I have been unable to get to during the week.  I sit down the night before they come and write my list.  I never have time to wash the linens on any of the beds, so that is on the list every week, the rest can include: sweep the side porch, wipe out the fridge, baseboards, reorganize the linen closet.  I like being able to ask for something different every week.

– My wife travels for up to 3 months at a time, and I live like a bachelor the whole time she is away. One week before she comes home The Other Woman comes to our house and cleans and puts the house back in order. My wife knows I do this, and has learned to live with my shortcomings.  As long as The Other Woman is around, we are both happy.

– I was put on bed rest when I was pregnant with my first daughter.  The Other Woman came to my house once a week and did laundry, and cleaned. This got rid of my guilt so I could really stay in bed as the doctor ordered.  After my daughter was born, I had become accustom to having someone to help around the house, I could never give them up!

– The Other Woman has been a fantastic help. From doing the laundry to cleaning the house to running errands, they have been a great help. With a house full of kids coming and going it sure makes life that much easier to have responsible and friendly people come and help take care of your home. The staff are timely, personable and know how to get the job done. I would recommend their services to anyone, whether it be a simple errand or a few days a week house clean. Thanks to the other woman I can come home and relax!

– A couple weeks ago I found out my aunt was going to come for a visit. It had been an especially busy week at work and I didn’t have time to clean the house, wash the sheets and make up the beds in the guest room, and get my other errands completed before she arrived. What could have been a very stressful situation turned out to be wonderful – The Other Woman saved the day! They arrived right on time, and were able to handle all of my requests at the last minute. And I had a terrific, stress-free visit with my aunt. Many thanks to the Other Woman for being there when I needed you most!

– We have been using The Other Woman for Cleaning Services since at least 2001. They are very reliable and they do a great job. They are also very easy to work with if you have questions or requests. They are flexible and honor special requests and schedule needs. We have had just a few different people clean our house over the years so they have great employee retention and their crew is outstanding. I highly recommend The Other Woman. I very much appreciate all they do for my home. I am a working mom so it allows me more time with my children. That’s priceless!

– I am a single guy living in a big house with three dogs that shed constantly. Keeping this place clean became too big a job for me & I hired The Other Woman. When the woman came to clean, she was pleasant & had all of her own professional equipment. In less time than I had imagined, she had completely worked the house over. It sparkled. I was delighted with the results.

– I am a single Dad of three children. There is not enough time for cleaning between work, school, homework, soccer, band, teachers’ meetings, etc. The Other Woman has gives me the freedom to take on what is important to me, as opposed to adding scrubbing the bath to the grueling schedule. I have found the staff helpful, flexible, and just plain good at their job. On more than one occasion I’ve had them do my laundry because I had gotten behind. Am very grateful for their help! Thanks!

– I use this cleaning service for move out cleaning in a rental house I own. I used to do the cleaning myself but one time I did not have enough time to do it myself so I called The Other Woman. They did a great job. The place was spotless – the bathroom was clean, the cabinets were clean, everything was wiped down and sparkling. I will never do this cleaning again myself. I will always use The Other Woman. It is worth every penny!!!

– I run a small business, and The Other Woman, Inc. will set up for a conference or deliver packages for me.

– I never know what I will need done from week to week. So I buy three hours of time and leave a list of things to do. When I get home in the evening, everything is done.

– I always have The Other Woman, Inc. come before I have a dinner party. They polish my silver, do spot cleaning, and help with any last-minute details that may arise.

– I’ve hired The Other Woman, Inc. to go to my mother’s home every week. They clean her home, run her errands, and give her companionship. She adores having them.

– I hate having my dry cleaning hanging in my car, trying to remember to take it and pick it up. The Other Woman, Inc. comes to my house and picks it up on Tuesday and brings it back and hangs it in my closet on Thursday.

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